Thanks in advance

The puzzle of where Vice President Biden has been lately has been solved: he has been composing a letter.  In his letter Mr. Biden lists some of the many accomplishments of the outgoing Congress:

...we repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and ratified the START arms control treaty. We passed a new law to rein in the abuses on Wall Street and protect consumers. We reformed the health care system and passed the Recovery Act to get our economy growing again.
The vice president continued:
...this Congress passed the largest set of tax cuts for the middle class since President Reagan, the largest education reform since President Johnson, the largest infrastructure investment since President Eisenhower, and the largest clean-energy bill ever.
The vice president makes clear that this is not about politicians or politics.  No.  This is about all of the work that you have done.
But do you know why all that happened? Because people like you rolled up your sleeves, dug deep, and decided to make a difference. We had a dedicated group of lawmakers -- no doubt -- but they were supported every step of the way by folks from all across this country who were ready for change. People like you.
The cynical among you may pick up on things like "We had a dedicated group of lawmakers...." and "...dug deep..." and conclude that this is some sort of fund raising letter to help finance a return to those happy days of dedication and service to the nation.  But no, you cynics!  It turns out that the munificent one himself, President Barack Obama, despite extreme fatigue after going all the way to Hawaii to visit troops, has decided to send you a Thank You note.

To claim your own, authentic President Obama Thank You Note, just visit the Organizing for America page and provide the required information, which is all of the information that they request.

You may think this is just a way to get information for future fund raising, even if the VP is not actually asking for any money now and that the whole thing is a sort of Thank You in Advance, but there's no hope for the likes of you; you will never change.