Sweden: The Suicide Bombing of a Culture

Watching a civilization commit suicide is a horrible spectacle. The irruption in Sweden is just the latest manifestation of the blight infecting Western Europe. Watch Pat Condell's video on Sweden's suicidal embrace of multiculturalism here, then consider the reaction by the country's prime minister to the first suicide bombing on Swedish soil:

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt on Sunday urged the Swedish people to not allow the attack to undermine the Swedish way of life: "Sweden is an open society [where] people with different beliefs and backgrounds and gods can live side by side with each other," he said.

Where could he possibly have got the idea that Muslims wish to live in "an open society"? Mohammed and Hussein and Yousef are just clamoring for their daughters to enjoy free love? To see a head of state so woefully misunderstand another culture is truly dispiriting.

You see, Mr. Reinfeldt does not want his countrymen "jumping to the ‘wrong conclusions'" about who might be behind the bombing. Let's review the timeline: a Swedish news agency receives an email with an audio attachment, which gets off to a bad start: "In the name of God the merciful. Prayers and peace to the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him." Uh-oh: this is not going to be good for the infidels.

The audio goes on to call on "all Muslims in Sweden" to "stop fawning and humiliating yourselves for a life of humiliation is far from Islam." Ten minutes later Taymour Abdel Wahab (or Taimur-Al-Abdaly) heads to downtown Stockholm, shouts out something in Arabic and detonates one of the six pipe bombs he is wearing (luckily, the other five were squibs). Sure is a puzzler, Mr. Reinfeldt. Just another Lutheran frustrated because he couldn't afford a Wii for his son?

Yet still the Swedish prime minister avers that "people with different beliefs and backgrounds and gods can live side by side with each other." Muslims can't even live "side by side with each other," as witness the Sunni on Shia and Shia on Sunni attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and ... What on earth could compel Mr. Reinfeldt to believe that they are ready to live side by side with Christians? Or Hindus? Or Jews? The death of a civilization is a terrible thing to watch.

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