Rahmbo's can't-lose online poll

Today marks the start of the hearings challenging Rahm Emanuel's residency qualifications to run for mayor of Chicago. Unsurprisingly, Rahmbo, well-versed in Chicago hardball politics, is doing his part to reframe the debate and shift the focus away from the legitimate legal issues surrounding his candidacy. An amusing manifestation of this surfaces here on Rahm's (curiously named) campaign website, ChicagoForRahm.com.

A "No" response to the poll question "Should Rahm be able to run for mayor?" leads, first, to a page full of reasons to reconsider your objection to his mayoral aspirations. Apparently having children born in Chicago, the "intent" to live in the city, and seeking to have a "real conversation about better schools, safer streets, and protecting taxpayers in the face of a budget crisis" are the truly critical components of residency. If, after reading these miscellaneous facts, another "No" vote is cast, an error message appears asking, yet again, for the voter to review the issue and resubmit.

As expected, the error cycle continues ad nauseum with all resubmissions. Have some fun, try it out.

What Rahm intended to do with this data is unclear. But perhaps the "glitch" will backfire. It seems a little too fishy to claim unanimous support of Chicagoans, even for the Dead Fish himself.

Meredyth Richards serves as the President of the Chicago Young Republicans.

Update: a reader writes:

I just took the poll and everytime I click no, there is no error message, it just redirects me back to the information page to reconsider and vote again, and again, and again