Obama Reaps What He Sows

By now we have all heard our political leaders in Washington, Republicans and Democrats alike, express outrage and indignation with respect to the recent WikiLeaks release of secret and/or classified documents.  With this, we have one of the few bipartisan agreements in Washington in recent years.  Some are now calling for WikiLeaks to be considered a terrorist organization.  Still others desire to hunt down and prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  But most all agree that this type of unveiling of sensitive documents undermine America's interests and potentially threaten America's security.

Given that, I ask one thing:  How is this any different from the Obama Administration releasing classified CIA Documents on Terrorist Interrogations?  Unarguably, both were done for political gain, and in an attempt to embarrass or undermine those with whom they disagree.  Arguably, both were done to undermine America!

One may argue that it is a question of Authority.  That is, President Obama had the Authority to release classified CIA documents that America's enemies would use to their advantage.  While Mr. Assange did not possess the authority to release these documents that America's enemies would use to their advantage. That Mr. Assange perhaps received these documents illegally.  Others would argue for Mr. Assange in the name of free speech and the people's right to know.

Whatever legal, technical or moral arguments are made, one thing is abundantly clear to me.  That is, Mr Assange's release of documents to embarrass or undermine America is no worse that the Obama Administration's release of classified documents to embarrass his predecessor and undermine his political opponents.  Moreover, I would argue that President Obama's deed was indeed worse.   One would expect a foreigner with a dislike of America to engage in such behavior.  It is far more disconcerting that the President of the United States would conduct himself in a similar manner.
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