More hangings in Iran

Taking a break from stoning women for alleged adultery, Iran hanged a man they claim
spied for Israel.

The charges on which Mr. Siadat was convicted included "spreading corruption on earth," "supporting the Zionist regime" and "opposing the Islamic republic."

Iran periodically reports the arrest of Iranians accused of working for Israel's intelligence services. In November 2008, Ali Ashtari, a communications and security equipment salesman, was hanged after being convicted of passing information to Israeli agents.

There are plans to hang another Iranian soon on the same charge.

Providing a murderous balance, Iran also hung a man who belonged to an Iranian opposition party. 

Do the students and faculty of Columbia University in New York who so eagerly welcomed Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak under the rubric of diversity and intellectual openness care about Iran's brutality? What about the UN where Ahmadinejad keynoted the annual opening session of the General Assembly for several years? And what about the assorted human rights groups? So far they've been relatively silent about these deaths apparently believing as long as they are not done by Americans or Israelis they are not human rights violations.