More Change You Can't Believe (In)

It is increasingly difficult not to see the Obama administration, all its deceptions, and all their manifestations, as one giant psyop.  Anyone who, along with his disbelief, still floats suspended -- in the glowing, airy miasma of Obamaspeak -- will likely suffer a lacerating and painful landing on the crags of reality if gravity ever finally reclaims him.  (Consider, for example, that said speaker recently admitted, after 2 years of fomenting the contrary impression, that "there's no such thing as shovel-ready projects.")

Unpleasant, though, is the truth that in addition to destroying our economy; vitiating our currency; devaluing our citizenship; lauding tyrants; suing our states; squelching our vitality; abandoning our borders; undoing our sovereignty; extolling our enemies; degrading our friends; and demeaning our pride, the Unpedigreed-in-Chief and his disgraceful coterie of legislative remoras and scoundrel-appointees are also subverting what one would like to think ought to remain among the most obdurately traditional entities:  the US military.

Now cometh Defense Secretary Robert C. Gates to a Pentagon news conference on Tuesday, 30-November.  In his hand is a DoD screed which purports to indicate that a large majority of military service members would have little problem in the long run if the don't-ask-don't-tell policy were to be repealed and homosexuals allowed to serve openly.

Put aside the tendentious "polling" techniques (how could these not have been coercive or fabricated?) which were likely used in crafting such a report (see
the report here). Put aside the momentous historico-psycho-socio-religio-politico-cultural-moral-military objections and caveats which publicly will not but should be asked -- and which doubtless privately will be -- about the long-term wisdom of dropping such a wrenching, seismic, and hitherto unthinkable cultural bomb upon a captive population sworn to obey.  And put aside whatever deleterious effects upon military morale, comity, and effectiveness -- not to mention future enlistments -- such a move might well have.

Rather, consider the source of the quote -- Secretary Gates -- from yesterday's press conference:  "A law or policy that forces people to lie gives me a problem.  Telling the truth is an important value."  And remember the November, 2009 quote from General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army?  He said of the Fort Hood Islamo-jihadist murderer that, "what happened at Ft. Hood was a tragedy, but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here."

Policy which hinders enormous cultural destruction upsets the fastidious Secretary Gates.  Lies which palliate the malefactions of enemies -- who he will not name -- enchant Chief of Staff Casey, that cherisher of diversity.  Two high defense officals both subverted -- doubtless by withering political pressures -- into doing the bidding of their master, which apparently is not prohibitively odious for them.  Ah, for the vanished days of the principled high-level resignation!  For a stand-up general who would stand up!  Don't look to such latter-day military men as these to tell the truth -- about anything.