Imam Rauf: The Tour

  The Associated Press reports on Christmas Day that Imam Rauf is going on a nationwide speaking tour, starting in Detroit, with stops in Washington, Chicago, Harvard, Georgetown and the U. of North Carolina.

While this is not yet confirmed publicly by the University during their"Winter Holiday," one doesn't expect that Harvard wants to invite a slumlord who took federal money and effected little, if any, repairs to fire and other building  code violations to his properties, forcing poor people to live with vermin  as well. The "honor" most befitting Imam Rauf would be his listing in New York's Village Voice famous annual "Ten Worst Landlords" issue this coming March, in an edition expanded to included New Jersey abusers of tenants as well.

Imam Rauf's tenants don't have the funds to follow this slumlord around the United States, but perhaps other people can take up the call to protest this "moderate" Imam who refused to condemn Hamas on national television,  and who said that "The United States has more blood on its hands than Al Qaeda" deserves a real Tea Party welcome in both the shadow of Boston Harbor and in the entire United States.
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