Guilty:Islamo-Realism as Hate Speech in Denmark

When it comes to criticism of Islam, Europe's ruling political class now goes beyond what Orwell wrote about the vilification of the Soviet system. Regarding Leftist attitudes toward those deemed "rabidly anti-Communist," Orwell had observed the following:The upshot is that if from time to time you express a mild distaste for slave-labor camps or one-candidate elections, you are either insane or actuated by the worst motives. In the same way when Henry Wallace is asked by a newspaper interviewer why he issues falsified versions of his speeches to the press, he replies: "So you must be one of those people who are clamoring for war with Russia." There is the milder kind of ridicule that consists in pretending that reasoned opinion is indistinguishable from an absurd out-of-date prejudice. If you do not like Communism you are a Red-baiter.My colleague, the journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard, President of The Free Press Society in Denmark, forwarded some...(Read Full Post)