Graph for the Day for December 31, 2010

"Because improving education is central to rebuilding our economy, we set aside over $4 billion in the Recovery Act to promote improvements in schools.  This is one of the largest investments in education reform in American history.President Obama, July 2009.

"But to thrive in the 21st century - to invest in education, infrastructure and innovation - America cannot afford a politics of mindless austerity either.Thomas Friedman, December 25, 2010.

 Veronique de Rugy, George Mason University.

Hoven's Index for December 31, 2010

Ranking of US students (among 65 countries) in mathematics:  30

US math score on PISA 2009 test:  487 (statistically significantly below OECD average)

OECD average:  496

Finland:  541

Switzerland:  534

Canada:  527

New Zealand:  519

Australia:  514

Germany:  513

France:  497

Poland:  495

UK:  492

Portugal:  487

Source:  OECD, PISA 2009.

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