Duke lacrosse rape hoaxer convicted of child abuse

The liberal media (and 88 Duke University faculty) had no problem rushing to judgment when a stripper accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape. The university took action against the team, all on the word of this woman. DA Mike Nifong took action, ignoring evidence that might exonerate the team members. The purported victim was black and female, so evidence was superfluous to the forces of PC.

It all fell apart, thank goodness, or otherwise innocent young men might have suffered even further merely because they were white, male, affluent, and jocks -- and that alone is a crime in the minds of many on the left.

Now the woman who made the false accusations, Crystal Mangum (whose name was kept from the public while the lacrosse players were publicly identified and pilloried on campus and in the press), has been convicted of child abuse, injury of personal property, and resisting arrest in Durham, NC.

The sad fact is that hoaxes regarding crimes against politically correct victims are quite common. The prevailing media and political climate provides too many incentives for hoaxers. Megan Fox has a compilation of the top ten such hoaxes pushed by a compliant media this morning on the NewsReal Blog.  I believe that the penalties for such hoaxes ought to ewqual the penalty for the crime being hoaxed -- in other words, serious prison time in the case of a phony rape accusation. These are serious crimes that victimize innocents, often with a race or gender bias intent.
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