Congress after the Kennedys

Insufficient note has been taken of the departure of Patrick "Patches" Kennedy from Congress, making the 112th Congress the first in 66 years lacking a descendent of bootlegger and stock swindler Joseph P. Kennedy.  In his own way, Patches personifies, even crystallizes the degeneracy that has been a Kennedy hallmark ever since old Joe amassed his criminal fortune and shilled for Hitler as a partner we could work with, as FDR's ambassador to the Court of St. James.

All-time honors for Kennedy degeneracy have to go to Edward "Ted" Kennedy, who also departed this mortal coil in 2010. But Ted at least had the taste to keep his dissoluteness, if not completely private (think waitress sandwich), un-televised. Not so Patches.  

The wonderful blogger Nice Deb highlights for us what will remain as Patches' video legacy, appropriately juxtaposed with its life-imitates-art predecessor. If you click on and watch the short video, you will thank me.

Thanks for the laughs, Patches. Let's hope you've damaged the  Kennedy brand enough to spare us future presidential candidacies from your family.

Hat tip: iOwnTheWorld

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