Bill Takes the Podium

The mind continues to reel over Friday's bizarre and historic White House Press Room performance, marking a milestone in the presidency. President Barack Obama's descent into ineffectuality, his minimal work ethic, and the phoniness of his reputation as a great communicator were all on display. The most telling moment was when Obama bugged out, citing the intolerability of keeping Michelle waiting. It appeared that it had already dawned on him that he was looking like a fifth wheel standing there next to Bill Clinton, who held the press in a swoon, effortless expounding with no benefit of teleprompter. But using his wife's anger and the need to party, was a really an awful excuse for a man charged with the heavy responsibility of guiding the ship of state. He looks, quite frankly, whipped. And more concerned with partying than governing. Others have commented that the troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan would no doubt love to cite their impatient spouses as a reason to leave their...(Read Full Post)