Barry's long bomb; from the brown beaches of Hawaii to snowbound Philly

Taking a break from his exhausting, laser-like focus on J-O-B-S, the manmade disaster known as Barack Hussein Obama took a moment to walk down to the beach outside of his luxurious Hawaiian vacation home. There in solitude, accompanied only by his extensive personal guard, the Bamster eyed the brown surf and then picked up an old football and launched a ‘Hail Barry' towards the snow ravaged city of brotherly love. Of course the ball traveled only a matter of inches and was low and to the left as it rolled into the sewage tainted sea, but in the age of Obama results really don't matter.

The future former president placed a call to Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie earlier in the week to lavish him with praise for signing convicted dog killer Michael Vick, a mere year-and-a- half prior to the phone call. Somehow the re-emergence of the convicted dog killer in NFL stardom is meant to give hope to other criminals (and ousted members of the 111th Congress) seeking a second chance, at least in the twisted mind of Barry O. The calculated political gesture reeks of opportunism driven by recent polling data. Chris Chase writing in
Shutdown Corner said:

...if you think about it, Vick got that "second chance" from Lurie 16 months ago. There was no phone call from the president then. Praising Vick at that time would have been a political third rail. But now that Vick is playing great and most people seem to have either forgiven him or stopped caring about his transgressions, it's a shrewd political move. After what could be termed a rough two years in office, the president is looking for a second chance from the people who have turned against him over the past two years. Supporting a huge star like Vick could help with the president's recent image problems. It may not register much nationally, but it couldn't hurt in Pennsylvania, it's a swing state and 2012 is just around the corner.

The most transparent member of the Obama White House, the seldom seem Bo, certainly knows all about Barry's political theatre. It is not known whether Bo (as in Barack Obama?) approved of his master's outreach to the convicted dog killer. Poor Bo seems relegated to the fate of "Socks the cat" who was handed off to a White House staffer upon the Clinton's departure from the stripped and vandalized executive mansion. In fairness to BHO, the virtual invisibility (except for photo ops) of Bo may well be part of his master's Muslim outreach program, since dogs are considered unclean in their culture.

Meanwhile back at Barry's beach in beautiful Hawaii, the ocean still runs brown and warning signs have been posted. Sorry kids, it isn't safe. Hawaii News Now tells us:

In a brown water event the amount of bacteria in the water grows exponentially. Flood waters may also contain pesticides, dead animals, water borne diseases, fecal matter and flesh eating bacteria.
County officials will determine when the water is safe to re-enter.

That's O.K., more time for Barry to concentrate his laser-like focus on J-O-B-S.