Widow remembers Fort Hood attack on one year anniversary

A year after Army Major Nidal Hasan slaughtered 12 soldiers and one civilian, the civilian's widow remembers her husband, a physician's assistant who died trying to stop Hasan:

Joleen Cahill says she was at work when the news broke.


At first, Joleen thought her husband Michael Cahill would be safe because he worked in the medical side of the SRP building.

"And then they said in the SRP dome and I thought Mike is safe because he's next door and then they said two buildings and that's when I came home," she says.

She came home to watch the latest reports. And at 11:15 that night, two members of the military came to her door.

"I knew, I knew, I knew. It was very hard because they had just put on the news an hour before that everyone that was killed was a soldier and Mike was a civilian," Joleen remembers.

62 year old Michael Cahill, a physician's assistant, was the only civilian killed. Leaving behind his wife, three kids and grandson.

"In the very beginning we said 'you know he was probably shot because he was trying to stop him because that's just something your dad would've done,' " says Joleen.

May the victims' memory be for a blessing, their surviving families find some consolation.