Why is Bill Maher like a dog?

The Russian psychologist and physiologist Ivan Pavlov was famous for his experiments on behavior modification with dogs wherein when an external irrelevant stimulus was repeated and repeated the dog responded automatically.

So let's try Pavlovian conditioning on oh say, HBO television personality Bill Maher.

Bill Maher doesn't like America or think much of Americans, even those who watch his show. So just say the word America and listen to his automatic Pavlovian reaction.

"America doesn't pay attention or see. America is like a dog. I'm sorry, but it is. It cannot understand actual words. It understands inflection, it understands fear. But you actually can't actually explain issues to a dog".

So why bother explaining the wonders of America to an overpaid personality with little talent? Good doggie Bill Maher. Good doggie. Now here is your bone. That is all your simple mind can understand.