The One Indispensible Agenda Item for Republicans

Freedom is in crisis and in danger of disappearing along with all of its benefits.  America had traveled so far and for so long down the ‘Road to Serfdom' that we have nearly lost sight of how far off the tracks we have strayed from our founding principles.   Our current understanding of the Constitution resembles more the cradle to grave paternalism of Marx than freedom through personal responsibility that our Founders designed.   This misunderstanding of our Constitutional Republic extends beyond the unwashed masses and well into the heart of the professional politician and bureaucrats within the federal government itself.   It is patently obvious that the track we have taken is headed for a cliff but the Politically Correct world in which we live does not recognize any facts that do not comply with alternative reality that has been have fabricated.   We can ride this train and ignore all the warning signs until we crash or we can take affirmative action to reverse our course.

To correct this dire situation before it is too late, the one indispensible agenda item that the new Republican Congress must undertake is to educate the public about the Constitution and why it is so important to our ultimate success as a free society.   The most conspicuous way to accomplish that goal would be to create a standing committee to review the constitutionality of both new and existing law as requested by any one Member of Congress.   Having ongoing hearings with both expert legal testimony and common sense testimony will bring the issues into the public for debate and that is exactly what is needed to awaken the citizens.   

The Tea Party itself is evidence that much of the public is already aware that we are definitely on the wrong track and the new Members that they supported can use this new committee opportunity to turn their limited government agenda into a positive action.   There is, of course, the very definite side benefit that as some laws are found to be unconstitutional, there could be significant budget savings.
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