Palin Must Be Perfect

Note to Sarah Palin: if you are seriously considering a run for the White House, you must be perfect. Perfect how?

First, you must know World Geography to the point of actually knowing that Anote Tong is president of Kiribati.

You also must be gaffe free. If you should say, for example, that there are 57 United States of America, expect to be excoriated the mainstream media and perhaps all 57, or 50, governors.

If you should misspeak on Glenn Beck's radio program by saying we need to stand with our North Korean allies, even though 8 seconds prior you had identified North Korea as the aggressor, well not only should you be belittled by your own countrymen, but also world leaders.

And so the Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) has clearly become a global malady.
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