Ozone Day Musings

Matt's Meditations reviews the fantastical predictions on the disappearing ozone layer which proved wrong  and the switch from global warming to climate change when the evidence for warming seemed rigged and argues persuasively why it's all poppycock:

Somehow, the world's oceans are rising from the meltdown of the glaciers. If anything, I would have thought the 32 degree glacier water would cool the 33 degree ocean water around it. Any way you look at it, it's still frickin cold. The Seattle Times is somehow telling me with great authority that 128 millenia ago the oceans were 1.7 degrees warmer than they are today and they can't investigate voter fraud in King County?

The real hope in Cancun is for a $100 Billion/year redistribution fund to help all the poor coastal countries build papier mache' seawalls as their leaders grift the proceeds into their Swiss bank accounts. The Caymans and Bermuda are out now because they may be flooded and ATM machines don't work very well underwater. The good news is that divers will have their choice of Atlantises.

And all the while, no one seems to have seen fit to ask the hard questions of the AGW crowd. Why did they fake data? Why was there a need for a coverup? Why hasn't anyone put Al Gore on the spot to explain the inconvenient truth of his conflicts of interest to the tune of millions? And what happened to my ozone, dammit?