One Ring to Rule them All

As I was driving up to DC today I had an epiphany. I saw the American People as Frodo Baggins, stuck with hauling The One Ring around with them. However, we are only at the beginning of the story, the 'Fellowship of the Ring'- or at best in the 'Two Towers'. If on the morrow, the people awaken in sufficient numbers to reject the socialism being hawked by BHO and the Democrats then we will have successfully defended Helm's Deep.

However, the war will never end until we destroy The Ring of Power.

What is The Ring of Power? It is the overweening power which a corrupt Federal Behemoth has progressively arrogated to itself - unchecked in in any meaningful way for almost a century. Of course, it has spawned other Rings of Power as well...entitlements which magically empower those who receive them. Destroy one of those rings and the power of The One Ring is not affected at all. Destroy The One Ring and the power of the others will inevitably fade.

Many have tried to wield The One Ring but it inevitably corrupts and destroys those who wield it. Motivation does not matter. Even the lesser Rings of Power eventually harm those who use them.

Some have tried to destroy The One Ring with hammer blows of legislation. But any such legislation is either deflected by the courts or parried by other legislation.

What is to be done? The American People, like Frodo Baggins of the Shire, must return The One Ring to the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged. In our case, this means that we must continue our journey to a Constitutional Restoration. After repelling the Orcs of Saruman at Helm's Deep, we must venture into Mordor and voluntarily cast the corrupting power of an unchecked Federal Government away.

Will we have the courage to do it? Or will we succumb to The One Ring's siren song?

Only time will tell...but my money is on the hobbits.

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