Let Your Rep Know What You Think

You are invited to participate in a people's poll to determine what Congressional members of the US House of Representatives have been hearing from their constituents about the recent, highly-publicized, TSA security measures.

Here's how you can participate:

  • 1. Go to this website, find the web page for your member of the House of Representatives, and locate his/her local and/or Washington D.C. phone number(s).
  • 2. Call, identify yourself as a constituent by your city of residence, and ask for the person to whom you can express an opinion regarding the recent TSA security measures that have been in the news. (It may be the person who answers the phone.)
  • 3. Express your opinion, whatever it is, and then say something like: "I'm curious, how have the calls on this issue coming into Representative _____'s office been running?"
  • 4. Make note of the response you hear, and then report it in the comments section below.
  • 5. To facilitate reading by others, please consider formatting your comment like this: House member's name, their party affiliation, district and state they represent, followed by a quote of what you were told.

American Thinker has readers in every Congressional District in the nation. With your help, we should get an overview of what the House has been hearing from the American people.