Israel and anti-Semitism

The notion that Israel's existence and behavior is a precipitating factor in ant-Semitism around the globe, especially in Islamic countries, is dead wrong. So is the notion that anti-Semitism cannot be addressed without considering Israel's role. Virulent anti-Semitism existed for literally thousands of years before Israel was born. Israel could accede to every single demand made upon her by the Islamic world vis a vis the Palestinians or could in fact cease to exist as a Jewish state and the plague of ant-Semitism would still be with us. That is because Islam's role in anti-Semitism is paramount and has been since it came into being 1400 years ago. To deny that is to deny reality, history and Islam itself. Islamic anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Israel-it has to do with hating and reviling Jews. Israel is just a convenient scapegoat, a red herring, that's all.

Islam is not only anti-Semitic, its anti-Christian and anti everyone and everything that doesn't submit to its dictates and religious imperatives. It is out to rule us all and conquer the earth. There is no room in Islam for free people living in free societies and everything about the free world is anathema to it. That is why we cannot allow the false link between anti-Semitism and Israel to stand. All it does is create a diversion and keep us from examining and understanding the true nature of Islam and seeing how it manifests itself. Unless we see Islam as it really is we can't possibly fight for our cultures survival in any kind of meaningful way, which is the whole point of creating diversions to begin with.

Instead of linking anti-Semitism and Israel, how about linking Islam to submission, violence, hatred, misogyny, cruelty, supression, torture, death and all of the other things it stands for? Now that would be getting us somewhere. Israel will survive because it understands what its up against. Do we? No, we don't. Will we survive? That remains to be seen. Islam has already made deep, serious inroads into Western societies, including the United States and Canada, and is making more as we speak. How much time do we have before our nations become Islamic? Not as much as one might think I fear.

The time to act is now. A good start would be to take a hard, serious, factual, honest look at Islam. Go ahead, I dare you.
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