Credit where credit is due

American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord gives credit where it is due:

"...Unlike a number of conservatives and Republican leaders, Limbaugh understood from the moment of Obama's election what the new president and his allies represented: a radical, far-left agenda designed to, in the president-elect's own words, "transform America." Obama and his administration -- with the Pelosi-run House assisting -- were about nothing less than an attempt to re-make America..."

The most important consequence of Rush and his radio colleagues' efforts is the emergence of new cadre of intelligent, articulate and unashamedly ideological legislators like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. Joining with trailblazers like Jim DeMint, they have the wit, and frankly, the political incentives, paraphrasing John F. Kennedy, to mobilize Rush's words and send them into battle. And Mr. Lord's piece is a reminder that those words did not include, ""crossing the aisle, or commonsense solutions to get things done for the American people."


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