Canada says NO to U.N. sponsored racism

While most of us here in America were celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family, Canada’s Jason Kenney was making us proud of our neighbor to the north. The Epoch Times reports that:
Canada will be boycotting the latest in a series of United Nations anti-racism events, Citizenship and Immigration Ministers Jason Kenney told reporters on Thursday, because it is dominated by some of the world’s worst human rights abusers and anti-Semitic governments.
“Canada will not participate in this charade,” said Kenney.
Last year Canada was the first nation to pull out of the Durban Conference and was followed by the United States, Australia, Israel and the majority of the European Union’s member countries. The delegates who chose to attend last years conference were treated to a vile and hateful speech from Iranian President Ahmadinejad in which he condemned the United States and spoke out against Israel’s right to exist.
In standing against the hypocrisy of the United Nations anti-racism program, Kenney said “If more countries had taken the same position as Canada…it would have lost any credibility very early on.” Kenney also singled out the U.N.’s condemnation of Israel as clear evidence that the Durban Conference has helped promote anti-Semitism.
November 26, 2010