Biden mum on Israel's East Jerusalem development

An attempt to placate Jewish-American voters, perhaps?

After watching a significant percentage of voters who supported his presidential bid shockingly (at least to him) abandon his party in the mid-terms, it appears as if the Obama regime has now turned to a not so subtle form of slight-of-hand in order to keep at least a modicum of "main stream" constituent groups in their good graces.  Joe Biden's latest meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu provided an unexpected glimpse into this desperate tactic. 

Only eight months after harshly condemning Israel's plans for housing developments in East Jerusalem, Biden's appearance before an assembly of Jewish groups this past Sunday in New Orleans was noticeably lacking that same sense of moral superiority displayed by the VP back in March.  Then, in accordance with the UN (and probably still feeling like he had the upper hand), Old Joe scolded Netanyahu in that less than ingratiating "we know better than you" style that has become the trademark of this administration's public pronouncements. 

However, this time it was all smiles and pats on the back as Biden repeatedly pledged America's unwavering support for Israel.  Despite the continued consternation toward Israel's plans behind the scenes, the VP made no mention whatsoever in his speech to this vital voting bloc of this administration's disapproval of Israel's advancement of those plans for 1300 apartments in the disputed territory.  

Curious?  Perhaps not.  For like his boss who is under the delusion that it was a lack of effective communication that caused the demise of the Democratic majority in the past election, it would seem as if Biden is similarly counting on both pro-Israel and American-Jewish voters forgetting what was really behind this administrations' initial bombastic reprimand of what Israelis feel is rightfully theirs to do.

So now, in a feeble attempt to hang on to a portion of his rapidly dwindling base of support, Obama has moved us closer to the unenviable position of losing all credibility with both sides of the Middle East conflict.  Perhaps sensing that he is using them as pawns in a crass political maneuver, it would appear as if supporters of either side have no reason to take us seriously at this point in the process.  And who could blame them?  Into a situation where the strength of one's conviction goes a long way toward establishing veracity and stability, we have now offered no more than a public display of awkward acquiescence.

Have these schmucks no honor at all?  Our friends deserve better Joe.