11/24: TSA 'Opt-Out' day

I don't know about you, but I will not fly until this stupid, intrusive, dangerous, and humiliating new TSA policy of  using reveal-all scanning devices at airports is overturned. And the even more humiliating "pat down" procedure if you opt out of the scan has got to go too.

This dangerous terrorist suspect gets the full treatment from TSA. Note how clever al-Qaeda has become, disguising their operatives as 3-year olds.

Nobody objects to thorough, rational, reasonable, necessary security. You'd have to have a death wish to do so. But I'd love to know who is in charge of designing security protocols for passengers at airports in America. They are unreasonable, irrational, mostly unnecessary, and many procedures - like the one above - do not enhance our security one iota.

As for the scanners, there are questions about the radiation, the gross violation of our right to privacy, and the haphazard manner in which the scanners are used. There has been anecdotal evidence that some TSA employees using the scanner - which reveals more of the human body than modesty should allow - have been titillated by the images, laughing and joking about what they are seeing.

Wednesday, November 24, is the busiest travel day of the year. There is a move afoot to make that day "National Opt-Out Day" where people would opt out of being scanned by the machine and force TSA employees to do a pat down. It would slow air travel to a crawl while making the point that enough is enough; put someone in charge of designing security procedures who can balance safety with privacy.

As it stands now, a monkey could have done a better job at keeping us safe.

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