What if they gave a rally and only a few people showed up

The One Nation Working Together rally sure has a tiny population. As the AP so delicately phrased it, reporting on the rally's attendance, merely "thousands of people"--not tens or hundreds of thousands as with the descriptions of Glenn Beck's rally last month--punctuated with "sparse groups," roused themselves to the nation's capital, despite free bus rides and that ever popular free lunch offered by the unions and other rally organizers.

John Avlon of the Daily Beast admits that compared to the Beck rally

Yes, the music was better and the crowd more diverse, but this rally provided plenty of evidence the Wingnuts on the loony left are alive and well.


A pregame rally south of the Washington Monument featured drum circles and papier maché puppets. President Obama was called an "imperialist president" who was insensitive to the "African community" and "the 2.5 million people in concentration camps called prisons."

"We recognize that the U.S. government is waging the same kind of war-a counterinsurgency," warned the woman on the makeshift stage "that it is waging against the people of Afghanistan-against the people of the African community right here inside the U.S."


Signs from the group A.N.S.W.E.R.-Act Now to Stop War and End Racism-dotted the crowd more than any other. Presumably, the attendees didn't know that this anodyne message came from the group that held an "anti-war and anti-racist rally" less than two weeks after the attacks of September 11th. This is the reflexive left, always indulging a blame America first impulse that creates a stereotype that is used to discredit mainstream Democrats.

And good for Avlon for finally mentioning the outright bigotry infecting large and major segments the anti war, pro union, supposedly anti racist left.

The curious and relatively recent migration of anti-Semitism to the left was evident in signs that read "End All U.S. Aid to the Racist State of Israel" and "Fund Jobs, Not Israel." I cringed as these marchers crowded past a group of World War II vets from Columbus, Ohio, being wheeled to their war memorial as part of the excellent "Honor Flight" program.

(Not so curious and only recent to those who haven't studied leftist words and actions for the past 150 years or so. The USSR and its international usefully evil idiots are a major example.)

Today's protesters, uhm, ralliers, or really spoiled brats no matter their age, left behind piles of garbage for others, presumably union garbage people, to clean up. Oh sure, they did it deliberately to guarantee these laborers would have work unlike the selfish Beck attendees who cleaned up after themselves leaving behind virtually no trash.

Onwards to the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rallies to end the month which should at least be goofy fun.