Time for the IRS to investigate Media Matters

Mark Levin is calling for an IRS investigation of Media Matters for using the tax exempt funds to promote Obama and the Democrats, rather than promoting principles, which would be consistent with its status as a 501 (c)(3). He points out that because of the tax status it currently enjoys, the organization does not need to disclose its donors, alkthough it its well known that George Soros has been a major donor:

 Media Matters is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. As a matter of law, it must not use its funds in any political manner. Yet, if you examine the Media Matters website, the only causes it promotes are whatever Obama and the Democrats are promoting.  It is a propaganda outlet for the Democrats.  That's the sole purpose.  And it attacks any person on TV and radio who disagrees with Obama and the Democrats.  It is not advocating a particular principle, say, free speech.  Media Matters' entire existence is political.  And I'm confident it works closely with Democrat organizations, PACs, and officials.

So, while it attempts to intimidate and silence others, Media Matters uses tax exempt funds to promote Obama and the Democrats, and it uses the Internal Revenue Code to conceal the identity of its donors.

 This is why I call it a criminal front group. The IRS needs to audit them to determine the extent of its evasions.  It's unlawful to use tax exempt funds for political purposes and this outfit needs to be flushed out of the shadows, exposed for what it is, and subjected to all fines and penalties associated with deceiving the IRS.  Transparency. 

I have not comprehensively audited Media Matters' output, but if the group were smart, it would include token attacks on Democrats, and explications of certain principles it purportedly adheres to. However, given the sense of immunity many on the left seem to feel, it is possible that the track record of the organization exclusively consists of attacks on conservatives and Republicans. If so, it could be in trouble.