The 'Ruling Class' Meme

Ever since the term "Ruling Class" became mainstream,thanks to the American Spectator article, I have had a nagging thought about where that phrase was first used in the context of the US and the current elites.  So taking out my old journalist hat I began to investigate and I have found it.  The use of the term Ruling class describing the elites in the US first appeared in:  THE AMERICAN THINKER last October 25, 2008.  It was in an article by Mr. McCann entitled "Europe's Sorry Lesson"  he used the term three times in the essay to portray today's "ruling classs".

Congratulation, your site is as usual way ahead of the rest of not only the conservative media but the media at large and kudos to Mr. McCann for a brilliant and insightful article written 2 years ago.

Morgan Taylor
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