The president's abortion lies

The regularity of the President’s lies requires that they be mentioned to remind us of the moral standard to which the US Presidency will return.

Peggy Noonan highlighted David Axelrod’s attempt last week to insert abortion into the November election discussion.  She accurately described it as cynical and desperate.

Even before that, in an Albuquerque back yard, Barack Obama launched his abortion election strategy by saying he wished abortion was “safe, legal and rare.”

For most people, the choices in this debate are A) abortion is murder/pro-life or B) abortion is not murder/pro-choice.  The rarer choice that Camille Paglia once highlighted is C) abortion is murder/pro-choice – horrible but honest.

Given Barack Obama’s support of partial birth abortions, we can safely assume he is pro-choice and hopefully an option B, not murder/pro-choice person.

This is where the lie becomes obvious.  If you believe abortion is murder, you desire it rare and illegal.  If, on the other hand, you believe abortion is not murder and are pro-choice, you would like it be anything but rare.  After all, harmless choice is good, should be common and certainly legal.

With the exception of Option C people, no pro choicer should logically want abortion rare.  President Obama’s abortion subsidies in his Mexico City Policy decision, defunding of abstinence education and Obamacare clearly show he aims to make abortion more common.  So the President is lying when he states a preference for rare abortions.

The President’s deceptions are common enough to suggest more than just far left ideology and a simple disdain for public intelligence.  This latest “safe, legal and rare” charade is blatant nonsense, particularly knowing what we know about the President’s abortion record.    Even the arrogant check their logic, can this guy not help himself?

The frequency, transparency and contradictions of the President’s false statements suggest not only a pathological tendency but a logical confusion and mental incoherence.  At recent measure, the President’s credibility was 22%.  How low can it go?

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