The case for voting Republican

Two weeks from today Americans will go to the polls and vote in arguably the most important mid-term elections in the country's history. Those who love their country and everything it stands for will vote Republican, no matter how they voted before or indeed whether they voted at all.

President Obama's actions have been uniformly disastrous for the United States and the free world and the only thing at the present time that might prevent him from inflicting further catastrophes upon all of us is electing enough Republicans to the House of Representatives and Senate to make it much more difficult to carry out his destructive agenda, to curb his power. It is not enough to repudiate him in these elections through the loss of a few seats. If that happens Obama will just rationalize the losses, proffer excuses and lame rationalizations, denigrate those who voted against him and carry on remaking America according to his socialist philosophy and ideology of appeasement and moral relativism. No, repudiation is not enough. He must be curbed, stopped, and our only recourse, the only possibiity we have of doing that now, is to elect as many Republicans as we can. Republican majorities in the House and Senate would be sufficient, but a critical mass might do the trick as well. Hold your nose if you have to but vote for the GOP. Hell, if I can do it, so can anyone else.

There is no need to give a litany of his failures here. Suffice it to say that if President Obama has two more years of unfettered power our country will be unrecognizable and on it's knees, the free world could very well be a thing of the past and American exceptionalism and preeminence will be nothing more than a dim memory. The stakes really are that high.

The man is also a proven liar and prevaricator. Not exactly what anyone needs in a President is it?

And no, I am not a card carrying Republican or anything else. I am simply a freedom loving, patriotic American who is terribly worried about the fate of my country and the free world with Obama in office. With good reason.