Soldier admits erasing video of Hasan's shooting spree

A stunning admission yesterday at the evidentiary hearing on Major Hasan's Islamist terror attack at Fort Hood. The Houston Chronicle reports:

A Fort Hood soldier testifying in an evidentiary hearing Friday for an Army psychiatrist charged in a deadly rampage last year said he erased a cell phone video shot during the incident on the orders of his commanders.

The mind boggles. This was evidence of a crime, and destroying it strikes non-lawyer me as a crime itself. What could be the motive?

We do know that the senior leadership twisted itself into pretzels worrying more about future discrimination against Muslims, and has a lot to answer for in allowing a man who openly declared himself a "soldier of Allah", lived a hermit's life, and gave semi-psychotic presentations to remain on actiuve duty.

What is being covered up? Exactly who gave the order to destroy the evidence? On what grounds

The American people, and the Soldiers who were placed at risk, deserve answers.

Hat tip: David Paulin