Rule Number One: Never insult the jury.

I'm a California Attorney and have been for the last 25 years and a conservative too. I have to be conservative, because facts, as is so often said, are stubborn things. Many elegant legal theories have been destroyed by one simple ugly fact. An attorney's currency is facts. Sure we attorneys spin facts, dance  around facts, try to distort facts; but, facts are what they are whether  the trier of facts, such as a jury, is amused by your presentation or not. Juries do get it. And why wouldn't they? They're voters too.

I have tried cases before juries. And the most important thing to learn as a trial attorney about juries is never insult them. Never their belief, their opinions or their personal integrity. Of course, we devilish bastards do try to change their point of view to that of our client... it's what we are paid to do the best of our ability. But, the stubborn fact remains that you never attack the integrity of the jury.

"Why not?," you might ask. Simple, the jury always has the last word.
Voters are no different than a jury. A politician may challenge our beliefs, may challenge our opinions by the use of rhetoric, but insult us?

What has happened this election cycle on the part of the Democrats is amazing and I've personally never seen this in my state nor throughout the nation's elections in the many years I have watched the process. Conservatives this cycle have been called a litany of things: racists, Nazis, radicals, extremists and bigots. Friends of conservatives such as the Tea Party have been vilified too. Along with all the names ascribed to conservatives, they are also called AstroTurf, tantrumous children, uninformed, stupid, thugs, villainous, unAmerican, Fascists, whores, bitches and the like. All of which does not amount to getting us to re-examine our opinions and beliefs. All of which is a direct and insulting attack.

Now let me pose a very simple question to the Democrats and their leader. Do you think your insults endears us voters to your candidates? It's okay. We all know the answer.

I personally abhor losing a case. It happens. The only attorney I know who has won every case has only tried one. But, I will not and never have insulted the very people that will decide my client's fate.

The tactics used by the Democrats in this cycle are absurd and ill-informed about this electorate. In the very clear word of Sarah Palin, it is up to us, the jury, ie., voters, to "refudiate" any and all Democratic candidates.

As a voter, you have been insulted by the Democrat "lawyer." You now have the last word on that. Please vote on Tuesday.