Obamacare: Even more fantastically expensive than you could have dreamed

How much more expensive? Ed Morrissey:

In passing ObamaCare, Democrats argued that it would provide a net relief to the budget deficit in its balance of new taxes and fees, drastic cuts to Medicare Advantage, and the subsidies it would provide to Americans making $88,000 a year or less. A new study commissioned by Families USA, a group that supports ObamaCare, shows that the Democrats and the CBO badly miscalculated the level of subsidies provided. In the first year (2014), 28 million Americans would have eligibility for more than $110 billion, outstripping the Congressional/CBO estimate by almost 600%."

And this from a group that supports national health insurance.

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "It's not a bug, it's a feature." The whole purpose of getting this bill passed was apparently to make some of it so bad that they would have to go back in and "fix" a lot of it. Of course, in the process of "fixing" the bill, they could sneak in a few things that didn't make it the first time around, as well as make a second try at the public option.

Unless the Democrats are stopped cold in court or through total repeal, they will be amending this bill for decades.

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