No freedom of speech for thee, just for me. Or else.

Government subsidized elitist liberal radio is not the only arena where the politically correct fear of offending Muslims trumps freedom of speech. It is happening in Canada also.

Mark Steyn, the witty columnist and newly self described Wandering Islamophobe, has had his own legal troubles in Canada about his factual writings about Islam and Muslims; he was acquitted of "flagrant Islamophobia" two years ago. He was booked to speak on the innocent topic Head For The Hills: Why Everything In Your World Is Doomed at the London (Ontario, Canada) Convention Centre (LCC), a government owned facility. According to Andrew Lawton, his host and a blogger at Strictly Right

I received a phone call from the LCC telling us that our venue had been pulled, and that Mark Steyn would not be permitted to speak there. The reason offered by the LCC was that they had received pressure from local Islamic groups, and they didn't want to alienate their Muslim clients. It's interesting to note that the LCC is owned by the City of London, and is therefore a government operation.

Previously the LCC had hosted Sexapalooza. Steyn is apparently more dangerous and offensive to public sensibilities -- especially the delicate Muslim ones --! What an honor!

As Lawton further noted

It's interesting that a government-run business decided that freedom of speech was no longer a concept to be upheld, and even more interesting is the fact that the Muslim community in London is applying pressure to a company to not entertain a speaker when only a day earlier they made a statement to the press saying that they didn't care about Steyn speaking and wouldn't do anything to counter it, (except "charity work.")

But Steyn's speech will go on as planned; thanks to all the publicity, even more people want to hear the newly minted martyr. The talk is scheduled for a larger space, Centennial Hall, "at least until the Islamic enforcers chase me out of Centennial Hall." Having no fear of foreigners, Steyn has even invited Americans:


By the way, if you live in Michigan or western New York, I can promise you it will be well worth the trip - because this kind of stunt is already happening south of the border.


Details about Steyn's upcoming appearance can be found at

And the provocative thesis of Steyn's speech, planned before the Muslim pressure, on why everything is doomed? Aw you know...the assault on freedom of speech. 

Update: Melissa Howes Ogle, Mark Steyn's publicist and personal manager writes us:

"Mark is so ‘extreme' and ‘controversial' that he has been received at Buckingham Palace, the White House and by Prime Ministers of various parties throughout the Commonwealth and Europe. So he is delighted that London, Ontario has chosen to grant him the signal honor of their distinguished Lack of Freedom of the City award."