ad - you're in it!

You may find it interesting to see what is up to this campaign season. Well, it seems they have created an innovative video that includes your name in the audio and visual presentation. Just type your name into the pop-up box and then watch the video. It demonizes Republicans and presents an Orwellian world after they have been taken control of Congress. This is creepy stuff for sure, and is apparently designed to appeal to the young brain-dead type voter.

This is the stuff George Soros' money buys, and is one more reason why we must win this election. The following is a email:

Subject: Hey--you're in this video

Dear MoveOn member,

Voting is important. But somehow this year it doesn't feel as important as it did in 2008, right?


Here's a message from the future about what will happen if you and your friends don't vote on November 2 (hint: it's not pretty).

You're actually in this video message-so we wanted to make sure you saw it.

Thanks for all you do. –Daniel, Laura, Nita, Milan, and the rest of the team