More J-Street revelations; moneymen and more Soros connections

When Eli Lake's story regarding J Street's donor list was published the role of George Soros created controversy. Soros has a long history of funding anti-Israel activism so his role at J Street was deliberately hidden by the group for years.

Now more revelations have started to leak. I did a bit of further research (hat tip: Cheryl Lewin) about another donor and supporter of J Street: Gail Furman. She sits on its advisory council and is a donor listed on its Form 990  . She is also a member of the board of the Soros-created Democracy Alliance - a group of wealthy donors and liberal activists created with the goal of tipping elections (so is another J Street donor and member of the advisory council, Deborah Sanger) .

Among their projects was the Secretary of State project-designed to elect secretaries of states in key battleground states (these are the officials charged with ensuring the integrity of the voting process). The Democracy Alliance funds various 527 groups and political candidates, as well.

But returning to Gail Furman - is there more to be learned?

She is president of the Furman Foundation, a major donor to the Soros-backed Tides Center and the Media Matters for America as well as other activist groups.

She has a son who is highly placed in the Obama administration: Jason Furman, was the top economic campaign advisor to Barack Obama and now serves as the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council.

Furman has been quoted quite often over the years of Barack Obama's rise to the pinnacle of power.

Funny how all these relationships are created and endure. A major backer of J Street has a son who played a key role in the election of Barack Obama.

And there's more on the J Street-Soros connections - a tangled web when one seeks to deceive:

The Soros connection to J Street goes way beyond money J Street's Advisory Council has included individuals with very close ties to Soros and Soros-controlled organizations. Among them are Gail Furman and Deborah Sagner, who also serve on the board of Democracy Alliance, an enormously influential Soros-funded coalition that supports leftist groups and political candidates; Sheldon Drobny, who co-founded the Soros-funded Air America Radio; Maria Echaveste, a Senior Fellow at the Soros-funded Center for American Progress, a Board of Directors member of the Soros-funded People for the American Way, and a Board of Advisors member of the Soros-funded American Constitution Society; Eli Pariser, Executive Director of the Soros-funded, Democratic Party; promoting; and Robert Malley, a Director of the Soros-funded International Crisis Group who grew up at the foot of Yassir Arafat





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