Massive, epic fail in new Eco-ad campaign

There really isn't any way to describe the video below in terms that would do it justice. It is 4 minutes of the most jaw droppingly inappropriate and revealing sentiments in a new ad campaign by global warming alarmists.

Blowing up children who are skeptical of climate change might pass for humor among humorless environmentalists but the rest of us have a decidedly different sense of what's funny.

I'll let Allah put it in perspective:

What makes this fascinating is that the people who produce this dreck have no clue as to just how far removed they have become from normal human sensibilities, or at least they didn't until the video began provoking the fully-predictable reaction. They have become so wrapped up in Gaia that they seem to have little connection to humanity.

The other, mainly unrelated point that comes to mind is that this represents a reductio ad absurdum of the view from the hard Left about how dissent gets treated by the mainstream American populace, vis-a-vis the Iraq war especially. Can you imagine the reaction had an organization like Move America Forward produced a video like this, where those who didn't support a robust strategy for the war on terror were blown up by a button-pushing advocate for the strategy? Especially children in a classroom being terrorized by their teacher into compliance with the groupthink?