John Stewart's 'Sanity' Rally to include Code Pink, Anarchists

It is looking like John Stewart's "Restore Sanity" rally will define sanity rather peculiarly. Code Pink, Anarchists, and pro-abortion groups plan to attend at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30th. Code Pink posts this on its site:

What is more insane, after all, than unjust war? What is more outrageous than a US foreign policy of democracy at the barrel of a gun? And really, what is saner than peace?

So we will be at Jon Stewart's rally on October 30 and will try to use our best inside voices to bring our anti-war message (no promises on the volume, though).

Anarchist News:

Join the Million Molotov March as we party our way through a veritable sea of mediocre leftists on the 30th!
NARAL's Protecting Choice, Restoring Sanity

On Saturday, October 30, thousands of sane, reasonable Americans will convene on the National Mall in Washington for Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. And NARAL Pro-Choice America will be there, because the right to make personal, private decisions about your own body is a bedrock principle of any sane society.

Does the "Million Molotov March" sound sane to you?