Intelligence Reports: Bin Laden Will Strike in Europe, U.S to Issue Travel Warnings

Since no other group has done more to undermine the security of the West than they, it's fitting that the Leftist rally in DC would coincide with the Obama administration's decision that a travel warning for a continent where Western Civilization started is appropriate.

As Fox News reports:

The Obama administration will issue a warning Saturday to U.S. travelers in Europe to avoid places frequented by Westerners after new intelligence suggested an attack by Al Qaeda could be imminent, a senior U.S. intelligence official told Fox News.

This sentence in particular is very disturbing and revealing: "...issue a warning Saturday to U.S. travelers in Europe to avoid places frequented by Westerners" But isn't Europe a part of the West? The report continues:

The travel warning will advise Americans to stay away from European tourist sites, transportation hubs and other facilities because of fresh threat information, U.S. officials said.

Intelligence officials believe Usama Bin Laden is behind the terror plots to attack several European cities. If this is true, this would be the most operational role that bin Laden has played in plotting attacks since Sept. 11, 2001.

"It's clear and the plot is clear. The clarity of detail on the plans for these attacks is disturbing," the official told Fox News.

It's one thing to issue warnings to Americans when the countries you are talking about are some of the lesser developed ones. But to issue a travel warning for Europe?! The greatest (though not consistently) ally of the U.S is now in a state where it is vulnerable from a few pip-squeak Islamists in the middle east while knowing full well that they are a target. This is how far we've come. This is how much the might of the West has been undermined by the Left's ideas.

Every time the Islamists have upped the violence, the West and its allies have listened to the Left and upped the appeasement. 9/11 happened and the world is trying its best to pretend that it never happened. What other possible conclusion could we have arrived in?

In this grand struggle between good and evil, the good guys have succumbed to Leftist ideas such as Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and many other left-wing concepts. To paraphrase Dr. Leonard Peikoff: "these voices are a siren song luring us to untroubled sleep while the fanatics proceed to gut our country." It's the Left that has caused us to pull our punches and has prolonged this struggle. It's the Left that made giants out of worms.

It's long overdue that the West and its allies reclaim its moral courage and reject the left-wing concepts that have made such pip-squeak groups a threat to the greatest civilization that has ever existed on this earth. And proceed to kill the guys who'd like to see the great cities of our civilization reduced to ashes.

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