In Support of Juan Williams

Dear Editor,

Juan William's firing from NPR strikes me as outrageous.  If I were still a contributor to NPR, I would stop sending a yearly donation.  That's no longer an option.

As an alternative, I have sent contributions to the American Thinker and other sites that I frequently read.  I make the contribution in support of Juan Williams.

If other similarly motivated readers did the same - sending contribution to their favored nongovernmental-sponsored media -- the effect could be substantial.  Rather than merely expressing outrage, people could put their money where their mouth is.  Talk is cheap, but freedom of expression requires support.  How nice would it be to see a substantial tally in support of Juan Williams that benefits the media.  It would be a tribute to him and a rebuke to NPR. 

Ironically, my son deploys to the Persian Gulf today.  His defense of American values is the real deal.  But this in an opportunity to make a small gesture myself.

VJ Pappas
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