I want a job

I used to have a job.  And now I don't have one.  I want a JOB.  

A job gave me dignity and the right to make choices.  A job gave me the ability to pay for the goods and services my family needs to survive.  And, yes, a job enabled me to contribute my fair share -- taxes -- for the things my government should provide, like police, firemen and soldiers.

I don't want a handout.  I don't want unemployment.  I have figured out that my children and grandchildren will eventually pay for any handout others or I may get.  I look around and see roads that need to be repaired, rusty bridges that need cleaning and painting.  I can paint!  I can clean rust off bridges!  And if I paint, then someone can make the paint, and that is another job created.

We need energy that is reliable.  I can work with my hands!  What if we built 10 exactly identical nuclear power plants?  Will someone come up with a standard design?  Does a design already exist?  That is a lot of wire, pipe, concrete and steel that needs to be made to build those plants.  And transformers, switchgear and other equipment that needs to be made.  By someone.  And guys like me can build those materials, equipment and plants.  More jobs. 

So why am I voting "against" instead of "for" this time?  

Because I have heard the others in  office now tell me what is "good for me" and I am not buying it.  I can't do farm work in the Central Valley of California because some small fish is endangered so the water is cut off.  So that the fields can lie in weeds?  And because no one seems to be listening to me because they are too busy telling me what is good for me.  Or lying to me.

So, I am voting "against" because it cannot get any worse.  And nothing will change unless I vote "against". 

And I want a job. 

(name provided to us, but withheld by request)
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