Fact challenged president brazenly lies about AIDS research funding

On Saturday in response to hecklers, the President said, "We're funding global AIDS initiatives, the other side's not."

To be kind, the man is not very precise.  To be blunt, he's a liar.

If by "the other side," the President means Republicans in general, every American tax payer is funding every American spending program, including AIDS initiatives.

If by "the other side," he means Republican leadership; George Bush is the person who made the funding of AIDS initiatives a main focus. 

In fact, as Mark Hemingway has highlighted that, "... activists pine for former president George W. Bush, who launched a much-praised multibillion-dollar fund to fight AIDS around the world."

The President just makes this stuff up, particularly when unscripted.  This lying comes natural to him and he does it poorly.  This also implies that he naturally has a very dim view of the electorate in general and his own supporters in particular, who were the only ones in attendance for his latest deception. 

The President's credibility will increasingly be his undoing and he apparently can do nothing about it.  Good.