Democrat Civil War Already Underway

The long knives are going to come out after the election, when Democrats wake up to the damage Barack Obama has done to their party. I have long suspected that there will be a serious effort behind the scenes to get him off the ticket in 2012, as happened to LBJ, or even out of the Oval Office before his term is over. Those Democrats who want to survive in office -- particularly those Senators facing re-election in 2012 -- will see Obama at the top of the ticket as their pathway to political oblivion, along with their party.

But the discontent with Obama has been brewing ever since the Iowa caucuses, when Chicago-style dirty tricks were first employed to knock Hillary off her perch as presumptive nominee. One of the best sources of information and analysis on the Obama machine's operations is the Chicago-based blog Hillbuzz, edited by Kevin DuJan, a proud and openly gay man, who is also smart, funny, insightful, and pointed in his analysis. Kevin and Hillbuzz do not pull their punches. If you read the archives, you will come across some rather entertaining rumors about Obama widely circulated in Chicago's Boystown.

Kevin has a long open letter to Rush Limbaugh, regarding Limbaugh's "Reverse Operation Chaos" which is aimed at getting Hillary supporters to stay home on November 2nd, to enable her to get the Democrats' nomination in 2012. It is a fascinating document on a number of levels, reciting the reasons why Kevin has become permanently alienated from the Democrats due to the eye-opening he received in the primary campaign, revealing to him the corruption and depravity of the party he writes that he supported for 32 years.

In this experience, he resembles AT's Robin of Berkeley, who first realized she had been deluded about the true nature of the Democrats and liberals experiencing the treatment of Hillary, whom she supported. But Kevin cannot (for now, at least) bring himself to call himself a Republican, while Robin can.

The most important aspect of Kevin's open letter is what it presages for the post election period. Chicago, the political sewer in which Obama made his career, may be the source of information on corruption that could take down Obama. Or it may be something else. But people within the Democratic Party who may know things, will want to get Obama out before he destroys the party and their careers.  Kevin is far from alone in his disgust, and others, motivated by personal career considerations, may join his crusade against Obama from within the Democrats.

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Ralph Alter adds:

The intense disgust with the leftist/media coalition that enabled the election of Barack Obama appears to be much more wide-ranging than even a hard-boiled conservative like myself might have imagined. Tune in Tuesday evening for the most enjoyable television viewing in generations.
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