Coons can't name the 5 freedoms in First Amendment

For all the supposed gaffes of Christine O'Donnell in the Delaware senate race, this one by her opponent, Chris Coons, is the gaffetastic gaffe of the campaign.

Apparently, a guy who wants to be senator can't name the 5 freedoms found in the First Amendment.

Michelle Malkin:

That's right. Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons can't name the five freedoms in the First Amendment.
But all you'll hear from the MSM today is that Christine O'Donnell - correctly - questioned Coons' claim that the phrase "the separation of church and state" appears in the First Amendment.

Coons' ignorance doesn't fit the O'Donnell bashers' narrative. So they'll pretend this didn't happen:


It’s obvious from O’Donnell’s very specific challenge to Coons during the debate that she knows perfectly well about the establishment and free exercise of religion clauses in the First Amendment.

It’s obvious that Coons is not only unfamiliar with the rest of the First Amendment, but also that he is wholly unfamiliar with where the phrase “separation of church and state” originated.

And it’s obvious from the warped, gleeful spin on this exchange just how in the tank for Democrats the “objective” press — protected by our precious, poorly understood, and frquently squandered First Amendment — really is.

It's not surprising that a candidate for high office doesn't know the Constitution. I'd be afraid to see the results of a test on our founding document taken by House and senate members from both parties. Given what they've done the last few years in passing legislation far removed from the spirit if not the letter of that document, a failing grade would probably be in order.