Arrest warrant filed for Rahm's Chicago press thug

In one of the most outrageous examples ever of liberal media doing the dirty work for a liberal politician, last Monday Jay Levine, a reporter for the CBS affiliate in Chicago assaulted WIND radio talk show host as he tried to ask penetrating questions of Rahm Emanuel. Dana Loesh wrote up a good account on Big Journalism:

Kelly didn't account for was the manner in which Chicago reporters behaved. Are these reporters or palace guards? In the video you see them physically move to shield Emanuel from Kelly's questioning, as though their backs alone would deflect the questions. Kelly is berated and shoved by mainstream media journalists, but the scene stealer is when CBS2's Jay Levine (who has not responded to my requests for comment) screams at Kelly, "Let him finish or I'm gonna deck you!"

Fireworks begin at about the 1:00 mark:

Now, Kelly  writes us that he has filed an arrest warrant against Levine:

This morning, I filed a police report and signed an arrest warrant against Jay Levine for assault. The Chicago police have already reviewed the video and agreed that an assault was committed.
Here is his press release:

(CHICAGO) - A police report and request for arrest warrant is being filed this morning against CBS2 chief correspondent Jay Levine by broadcaster William J. Kelly. On Thursday evening, Chicago police reviewed a video tape submitted by Kelly of an incident that occurred on Monday at Columbus and Balboa, prior to the Columbus Day Parade, and agreed that Levine's actions qualified as assault. During the incident, Levine erupted in an outburst and threatened "to deck" Kelly, who had been asking Emanuel tough questions about his Chicago residency and the failed White House stimulus plan. ABC7's Charles Thomas was also on-tape interrupting Kelly's questions and knocking his microphone away from Emanuel. 

Here is the video of the incident:

"This morning, I am filing a warrant for CBS reporter Jay Levine's arrest," says Kelly. "To date, I have not received any word of apology from Jay Levine or from CBS' management. I know Jay Levine and CBS still believe that they had every right to threaten me and interfere with my questions to Rahm Emanuel and that is precisely the problem. That is why I think it is important to take a stand and counter media hypocrisy and arrogance in Chicago and everywhere else and that is what I am doing today."

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Stay tuned. They play rough in Chicago.
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