Another Victim of Europe's Jihad Against Islamo-Realism

Europe's judicial war on speech deemed "offensive" to the tender sensibilities of Muslims, continues apace,  notwithstanding the interim decision by Dutch prosecutors to drop the scurrilous charges against Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, which may be overruled by the trial judges.

As Ned May reported yesterday (10/2010), Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolf is being charged for "hate-speech," under "laws" crafted by the cultural-relativist avatars of Islamically-correct submission, in her native Austria.

While Elisabeth's own words, below, speak for themselves when read by any reasonable person, I refer the gentle reader to some of these essays for relevant historical and doctrinal background, past and present (here; here; here; and here).

Elisabeth e-mailed these comments yesterday alluding to the absurd "charges," but more ominously, the Kafka-esque nature of the inquisitorial "proceedings" in store for her.

Today (10/20/10) I have officially been informed that I will have to stand trial on November 23.

I have received the official charges, which are a sort of pick-and-choose of whatever I said during the first two (out of three) seminars. One paragraph consists of words that I never said, but rather those of one of the participants. But I am accused of having said them (they contain the damning words "Adolf Hitler").

Here is a sample of my evil words:

"We need public awareness of the danger posed by Islam. Education needs to be state of the art, eg biology. History. Students need to be taught facts. There was a Turkish siege [in 1683], and they were badly beaten. That must remain [in the history books]. No tolerance for the glorification of violence! And that means we have to get rid of most of the Quran. We must realize that the Muslim Brotherhood is a Trojan horse. Turkey is part of that...Sharia is an absolute no-no. We d not want any gender apartheid, no ghettos, no social and cultural discrimination, no polygamy, no theocracy, no hate..."

This is what I'm being tried for. This is what cannot be said aloud in Austria today.

- Elisabeth

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