Analyzing Democratic trash

Here's some after rally footage by Breitbart TV comparing Beck's Restoring Honor rally and Saturday's 10-2 rally. The crowd at Beck's conservative rally left the Washington grounds spotless. The crowd at the leftist "One Nation"10-2 rally left the grounds looking like a pigsty (no offense to livestock).

Normally, one man's trash is another man's treasure. But in this case no one seems to want the leftovers of the useful idiots bused in by the SEIU. The Mall was covered with manifold expressions of good old-fashioned, patriotic Socialism and the joys of central control.

Maybe the trashing of the Mall was just another of the administration's ingenious ways to create or save more government jobs. It may require extra sanitation staff to get the town back in order.

But then, maybe the litter of the Left Nation reveals who liberals really are. Commentators have noted that the One Nation crowd didn't exactly display its love and respect for the country by leaving its rubbish behind.

But the leftist attendees also displayed an utter lack of personal responsibility. That seems to be how the far left operates. They come in with their self righteous preaching and grandiose intentions and end up leaving behind their stinking garbage; which the adults have to clean up afterward. What happened at the capital is analogous to liberal social policy; it inevitably leads to disaster and disorder which conservatives have to later restore.

The far left supposedly cares so much about the environment, yet it's the conservative crowd who walked the talk of the left. The do-gooders of the left often demand that others conform to their view of morality. Yet the 10-2 leftists could not practice what they preach for even one day.

The trashing of D.C. says a lot and an honest news media would point out the contrast of the two events. One can only imagine the mess if the little 10-2 crowd had been the size of Beck's crowd.

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