Adventures in welfare; the young and the shameless

Margaret Thatcher said that 'the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other's people's money.' Runaway social welfare and entitlement programs designed by liberal politicians as means of creating a permanent voter base have brought the nations of the west to the brink of bankruptcy. Most of us have had to tighten our belts, work harder and make due with less, but even in these difficult times there are a lucky few who seem to thrive.

The UK Daily Mail brings us the amazing tale of Kelly Marshall, a 32 year old single mother of five children (by four different fathers) and my nominee for the coveted title of 'Miss Welfare State.' Despite the fact that Ms. Marshall has never worked for a living she collects benefits and credits which provide her with the equivalent of a £39,000 salary.

Miss Marshall has no plans to start working. She once went to a job centre, but quickly realized she would be financially much better off if she didn't work.

‘What's the point? My Mum worked all her life and she paid taxes so I feel I am getting what I deserve,' she said. ‘Some people might think I am a scrounger, but I don't think me or my children should miss out on nice things just because I have never worked.'

Marshall's children have the best gaming systems (Xbox 360, Wi, Play Station3) and each of the four bedrooms in their detached housing unit is equipped with a flat screen TV. At present the children 'only have three laptops between them' and since 'they don't like sharing,' Super Mum will have to buy another laptop. Of course like any good parent Ms. Marshall understands the educational benefits of foreign travel.

‘I always take the kids abroad,' she said. ‘We have been to Tenerife and Cyprus, and this year we have been to Magaluf twice.'

‘Each holiday costs about £2,000, but it's good to get away, and the kids and I deserve it.'

Last year the proud Ms. Marshall embarked upon a self-improvement program. She saved for months and used her credit card to come up with £4,500 for breast augmentation.

She explained: ‘I have wanted a boob job since I was a teen. But it wasn't possible until I had the five children that I could afford it-with all the extra benefits I get. Now I hope to get liposuction, a tummy tuck and regular Botox.'


‘I know most people will think it is wrong I am spending taxpayers' money on my looks. But I deserve it because I am a good mum. Having children has taken a toll on my body. All mums should be able to have cosmetic surgery.'

Showing absolutely no sense of shame Ms. Marshall defiantly said 'I don't care that it is at the taxpayers' cost' adding that 'it's my decision what the money is spent on.' It might be comical if Kelly Marshall were unique, however she is merely one of the growing number of entitlement junkies who have been spawned in the murky waters of the modern welfare state. The children of redistribution are in for a rude awakening, because as Lady Thatcher observed 'eventually you run out of other people's money' and that day is on the horizon.