Where's the magic gone?

The reviews on Barack Obama's Iraq speech on Tuesday night, August 31, 2010 are in and they are almost all unkind.

You know it is bad when the lefties are wetting their pants; a case in point being the head cheerleader and Prom King, Chris Matthews.

Matthews is upset that Obama can't wean himself off that danged teleprompter, and his guests are wondering where the old magic has gone. Where, they ask, is the electricity, the excitement, the gleaming smile?

Hey fellas, it was all fake; the fake Greek columns, the promises to heal the world, to end all wars, to make everyone love us, to lower the sea levels, to remake America into Obama's image for the 21st century, ushering in a level of both unparalleled prosperity and wealth redistribution all at the same time.

You believed because you desperately wanted to believe; you were captivated by the lights, the swaying and cheering crowds, the chin stuck into the air like Il Duce, and the voice reverb that made him sound like God in the Charlton Heston movie, "The Ten Commandments".

Now, you are seeing the real deal; he doesn't ditch the teleprompter because he can't. He sounds boring and uninspired because he is. He doesn't offer magical solutions because he is now beyond the promising stage and into the doing stage, and he has no magic to give. The world is stubbornly resisting his so called charms. Barack Obama has the same DNA as all the other 6 billion human beings on earth, and he is not special. He is an inexperienced politician from Chicago, who was elected to the presidency by happenstance.

You guys keep flogging that horse, though; maybe he will surprise us and turn into a fairy tale prince or something, and your world will suddenly be magical again.