Unemployed journalist denies JournOlist membership

I am reliably informed that you've included me in the membership of that nefarious, secretive, lefty media cabal known as Journolist. Never mind that I've been an unemployed newspaperman since December 2008, I thank you. Your error places me in a company of subversives every bit as stellar as those named to the late Mr. Nixon's list of enemies-an honor roll in which, alas, my name failed to appear. Congratulations to you and your colleagues; surely you shall be nominated for this year's *Joey.

Thomas Adcock
*Joseph R. McCarthy Award for Meritorious Demagoguery. 

Editor's note: Thomas Adcock apparently is unaware that JournOlist members included non-journalists, such as political operatives and academics.  However, in the interest of accuracy, we publish this letter and have noted his denial in the blog item he could not be bothered to read. Given his belief that membership in JournOlist, whch conspired to covertly slant news reporting and charge random conservatives as racist, constitutes an "honor roll", it is probably a good thing his services as a journalist find no takers. But he nevertheless deserves to have his name cleared. We regret the error in the source we cited.
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